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Cyan Sonata

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Abhorsen Sabriel.

As finished as it’s going to get at this stage. I’m tired of looking at it, and i don’t really know how to improve it. At least not right now. I do’t think its too bad, but as with everything art-like, if you stare at it for too long, you only pick out flaws and you don’t look at the merits. 

Still! here you have it, including a variant for a potential cover. Because why not?

Also, this will be going on Deviantart too, first finished piece going up in a long-ass time. 

Something that’s been kind of aggravating me…

People have this weird idea that when good/popular cosplayers are friends with each other, and are in cosplay groups together, they’ve formed some kind of ‘elitist clique’ meant to exclude newer/younger/less skilled cosplayers and it is literally the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Literally every single cosplay group I know of is comprised of people who were friends before their ‘cosplay popularity.’ Every. One. 

Getting mad that you’re not involved in the ‘popular crowd’ is basically just getting mad that a group of strangers aren’t best friends with you. Like ??? 

And I’ve seen this happen repeatedly.

It’s getting to the point where ‘elitist’ is a term that ‘less skilled’ cosplayers use to slander people that won’t let them mooch off their popularity? I see literally dozens of posts a day about how ‘no one is better than anyone else we are just dorks in costumes’ but never, not once ever, in my seven years of cosplaying, have I witnessed a good/popular cosplayer trashing on a less skilled cosplayer. 


trying a new style??? ive been wanting to draw everyone as they look in their first panels, so that when it ends (if it ever does and hussie isnt a big liar who will never finish this thing and just leaves it there) i’ll draw everyone in their last appearance and like… growth???

i dunno

look at all these paper white kids in paper white clothes and black and white hair theyre like newspaper cutouts