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Cyan Sonata

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↳ Kuroshitsuji: manga vs anime (8/8)

manga chapter 35 & 36, anime episode 10.


  • Grell Sutcliff - Dress, hat, pin.
  • SeeU - Shorts, shirt, jacket, pom-poms, socks, clip-on foam ear pieces.
  • Jade Harley - Shirt, skirt.
  • Jade Harley God Tier - Hood, shirt, skirt.
  • John Egbert - Hood, pants.

"I don’t know how to make props" I say as I attempt yet another prop anyway. #cosplay #wip #props

We hope you get well soon Mark!


one more little lonely hawaii paradise art


I’m in a pathetic mood today and my creativity and muse have taken a day off, so, here’s something that cheers me up most of the time.

I just spent $30 on a wig for a character from a book series that I don’t actually really even like.